“An Individual’s memory” /『一人の記憶』

Indonesia, Taiwan, Saipan, Pohnpei, Korea, China, Russia and Cuba…… The Japanese who chose to migrate to foreign countries taking the Pacific War as an opportunity, also not to return home after the war and to live there. What were each choice and the individual’s life they passed in the confusion at the end of the war? This is a nonfiction with the time of 20 years from coverage in writing. (Published by BUNGEI-SHUNJU in 2016)

インドネシア、台湾、サイパン、ポナペ、韓国、中国、ロシア、キューバ……. 太平洋戦争を機に海を渡り、戦後も帰国せずその地で生きることを選んだ日本人。終戦の混乱の中で、彼らの下した一つ一つの選択、一人一人の生き方とは?取材から執筆まで二十年の歳月をかけた、渾身の書き下ろしノンフィクション。(2016年、文藝春秋刊)



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